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Premium Ceramic Car Coating

End your relentless battle of eliminating blemishes and the effects of the Florida sun from your vehicle. Auto Salon of Orlando is here to provide you with the best protective enhancement services with our premium ceramic car coating. Look to our experts for meticulous ceramic coatings with certified installation and lasting results.

Ceramic Coating Installation Services in Orlando

FENYLAB Ceramic Coating Products

Our FENYLAB-certified installers are trained in a wealth of superior-quality ceramic products. These products protect paint, wheels, glass, trim, interior, and beyond. Ensuring the highest standards and most advanced technology, our American-made FEYNLAB products are backed by a warranty that ranges from one to seven years.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic car coating is a treatment process used to safeguard and shield the paint of a vehicle for long-lasting aesthetic value and protection. In contrast to standard waxes or sealants, ceramic coats serve as a transparent barrier that offers a semi-permanent bond to the paint. As a result, your vehicle’s protection increases as maintenance demands decrease.

Choosing Your Ceramic Coatings

Our ceramic car coating products range from one to seven years of protection. The cost of our products is based on the number of years of protection the selected product offers. No matter your choice, the ceramic paint clear coat will offer a deep, clear, wet, glossy shine that enhances the value of your vehicle.

Licensed and Certified Ceramic Coat Installers

Auto Salon of Orlando’s trusted FEYNLAB-certified ceramic coating installers are the best in the business. Our professionals have received extensive training, enabling them to master the art of precise ceramic coating installation. We treat your vehicle as if it were our own, with the utmost care and respect, to ensure impeccable results.

How to Ceramic Coat a Car

Auto Salon of Orlando follows a meticulous process to ensure cutting-edge ceramic car coating installation for our customers. Our tried-and-true multi-level process ensures a seamless, sleek application that offers performance and longevity. From inspection to completion, count on us for excellence.

Paint Correction and Preparation in Orlando
Step One: Paint Correction and Preparation

Ceramic coatings enhance paint glass. As such, step one of our process includes remedying paint defects to prepare the vehicle's surface. Based on the condition of your vehicle, we curate customized paint correction solutions that include handwashing, decontamination, and Clay Bar or Iron X to remove foreign debris.

Paint Polishing and Enhancement in Orlando
Step Two: Paint Polishing and Enhancement

Step two is all about polishing. We use our unique, Italian-style polisher, RUPES, to polish the paint until we achieve a flawless shine. This process is performed in multiple steps, using many products and pads to achieve perfection. We also use a custom-light tunnel during our process for unrivaled results.

Auto Ceramic Coating in Orlando, FL
Step Three: Ceramic Coatings

Our final step is the ceramic coating process. We begin our application process based on our customers’ choice of ceramic products. We apply several layers per panel, leaving ample time to dry and wipe down the surface. The cure process takes 24 hours, and then we will schedule a delivery time to return your vehicle.

Protective Benefits of Our Ceramic Coatings

 Ceramic coatings are the gold standard of vehicle protection. Some of the leading benefits include:

  • Protection from acid rain, sap, dirt, mud, bird droppings, and bug splatter
  • Combat UV damage and paint fading
  • Alleviate hard water spots
  • Light scratch-resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Prevent oxidation

Discover Cost Saving Benefits

Not only are ceramic coatings an invaluable protective addition, but they also boast cost savings. Some of the cost-saving benefits of our service include:

  • Enhanced long-term protection
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Facilitated maintenance demands
  • Eliminate waxing needs
  • Increased car value

Orlando’s Leading Ceramic Coating Shop

We understand that temperature, cleanliness, humidity, and lighting are essential for professional ceramic installation. That’s why, as Orlando’s leading ceramic coating shop, our facility has an enclosed ceramic bay and controlled environment. When you count on our team, achieve total peace of mind and premium results.

Choose Auto Salon of Orlando

With decades of experience, Auto Salon of Orlando is your trusted partner in ceramic coatings. With a wealth of local expertise and a commitment to your satisfaction, we take a customer-centric approach that guarantees unmatched results. Count on us for trusted auto services that keep your vehicle in prime condition.

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Shine and Protection Today

If you’re ready to say goodbye to demanding maintenance needs and unpleasant eyesores, it’s time to welcome ceramic coatings by Auto Salon of Orlando. Discover how we can easily enhance your vehicle’s protection and shine. Contact us today to schedule your ceramic coating appointment.

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