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Auto Salon of Orlando gives you value in service and value back into your vehicle! We have over 30 years of extensive detailing knowledge in automotive beautification. Our difference is, we LOVE auto detailing! We put that energy into every service to make you look great!

With Auto Salon, you have a complete automotive reconditioning center. We offer a variety of services from window tinting, automotive detailing, paintless dent repair and interior repairs.

Our vast knowledge of reconditioning has included many areas of the automotive industry. We’ve trained nationally, to service major auction chains, and have experienced a large variety of reconditioning challenges that have helped us gain superior knowledge and provide an excellent level of customer service! That means you see the results first hand. See our detail service list to get an idea of what we can do for you!

Here at Auto Salon, we are experts at protecting the value of your car. We are specialists in automotive finishes and use the finest chemicals and products to help beautify your vehicle. Utilizing the latest technology, we’re able to separate us from the competition!

If you are considering selling or trading your car, bring it to us first! Why? Because the price of your car will drastically increase! If you have a new car, we have a great maintenance package available to keep your car’s appearance like new!

Quality and customer service are number one to us! We combine experience, time and the finest chemicals to deliver the ultimate final product…Your Satisfaction!

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For all your auto detailing and tinting needs, we are here to help.