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Experience Comfort and Style with Automotive Window Tinting

With Orlando, FL’s scorching sun, maintaining a cool and aesthetically pleasing vehicle is no simple task. Fortunately, Auto Salon of Orlando is here to help you discover the meeting place of style and comfort with our automotive window tinting service. Enhance your driving experience and combat the intense Florida heat with ease.

Automotive Window Tinting Services in Orlando

What Is Automotive Tinting?

Automotive tinting involves installing a thin, protective barrier to the windows of a vehicle. The film is uniquely manufactured to combat intense sunlight, helping to keep your vehicle cool during the warm summer months while reducing glare. With many styles available, automotive window tints can be used for several reasons to satisfy varying preferences.

Benefits of Tinting Your Car

Automotive window tint is an asset for any driver. Some of the leading benefits of this minor but impactful vehicle enhancement include:

  • Heat reduction
  • Increased UV ray protection
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Extend the lifespan of interior fixtures
  • Greater privacy and security
  • Reduced glare
  • Improved aesthetic value
  • Customizable and versatile

State-of-the-art Automotive Window Tint System

Auto Salon of Orlando offers the latest window tinting technology with our industry-leading Llumar Films. With our state-of-the-art window tinting systems, we ensure meticulous installation, made to last. With our innovative window film and certified team of technicians, you can rest assured that your investment will bring years of performance and comfort.

Window Tinting Options for Your Vehicle

Auto Salon of Orlando proudly offers only the best automotive window tint products with our premium Llumar Films. We carry a complete line of Llumar Films, so our customers have extensive styling and performance options. We have you covered, from a sleek, dark finish to transparent yet protective styles.

Llumar ATC Line

The ATC line comes from Llumar’s latest developments in dyed film technology. It features a stylish charcoal appearance and exceptional heat and ultraviolet light rejection. This line is our most inexpensive offering and is a great value for customers looking to spend as little as possible without sacrificing quality.

Llumar ATR Line

The ATR line is a metallic-based film that offers superior heat and ultraviolet light rejection compared to the ATC line. It features extensive shading options, giving customers a greater range of styling options. The ATR line offers the best “bang for your buck” with stellar performance and styling at a great price.

Llumar CTX Line

The CTX line is a Ceramic film. It features Llumar’s high-tech Ceramatrix Technology for maximum heat, ultraviolet light rejection, and unsurpassed durability. Additionally, this film features the best cellular signal transmission, so you don’t need to worry about it interfering with your reception.

Llumar IRX Line

A step above CTX, you will find the IRX line, a more advanced Ceramic film from Llumar with enhanced heat and UV rejection capabilities. For the ultimate defense against the sun, it has the latest and greatest infrared-targeting, nano-ceramic technology.

Llumar Air Blue

The Llumar Air Blue line is the perfect solution for those who want the heat and ultraviolet light rejection that window tint offers without sacrificing visibility. Air Blue film offers fantastic heat and ultraviolet light rejection yet is almost completely transparent.

Automotive Tinting Installation Process

Our automotive tinting installation process combines efficiency with careful attention to detail to secure flawless results. Our process begins with carefully cleaning and preparing the windows for the application, followed by measurements and computerized film cutting for enhanced precision. We then apply the product to ensure a bubble-free, seamless finish.

Automotive Tinting Pro Tips

When tinting your car’s windows, it’s always best to leave it to the professionals. While the process may seem simple, it requires precision and accuracy to secure quality results. In addition, it’s important to consider your visibility prior to deciding on a film, as darker tint can impact night-time driving.

Protect Your Investment with an Unrivaled Warranty

We understand that investing in automotive window tinting services is a significant decision. We want our customers to feel confident and secure when they choose us. As such, all lines of our Llumar Films window tint are backed by a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Choose Auto Salon of Orlando

Discover tinting car windows made easy with Auto Salon of Orlando. As industry-leading experts, our highly trained and certified team is here to bring your automotive window tint film project to life with exceptional materials and time-honored installation techniques. Rely on us for premium results that boast performance and luxury.

Take Your Vehicle to New Heights

Auto Salon of Orlando is your destination for taking your vehicle to new heights. As the leading car detailing provider in Orlando, FL, we provide an array of aesthetic enhancement services that allow your car to stand out. Choose our team for superior ceramic coating, detailing, specialty services, and beyond.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Automotive Window Tint

Secure a practical and stylish vehicle enhancement that brings comfort to your ride with Auto Salon of Orlando. Our state-of-the-art automotive window tinting service is just a phone call away. Contact us to schedule your appointment, and let’s enhance your vehicle.

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