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Orlando Auto Detailing

Auto Salon of Orlando

For a complete makeover of your vehicle, look no further. Auto Salon of Orlando is at your service. With more than 30 years of experience, we can ensure your car looks brand new. We specialize in improving the interior and exterior of any vehicle whether it is for detailing or tinting your vehicle. From cars to vans to planes, Auto Salon of Orlando can restore your vehicle to mint condition.

Auto Salon of Orlando prides itself for its:

  • Professional Staff
  • Quality Materials
  • Modern Techniques
  • Unbeatable Prices

You no longer have to settle for a vehicle you don’t feel confident driving in. Upgrade your vehicle with us!

Treat Yourself to a Fresh Ride

How long have you had your car? Is there anything you'd like to change about your vehicle? Auto Salon of Orlando can help you feel like you're driving a completely new automobile. Our highly talented team consists of experts who have experience renovating all sorts of vehicles inside and out. As the best auto detailing shop in Orlando, we offer: We've refurbished compact cars and even updated the exterior of planes. We use top-notch materials to provide your car long-lasting comfort and style. With our state-of-the-art techniques that you won't find anywhere else, we guarantee your satisfaction with your newly improved vehicle.

Restore Your Vehicle for an Affordable Price

We at Auto Salon of Orlando know that quality work may mean high prices. However, we provide our customers with affordable prices so they can drive away in a repaired and stylish vehicle. We believe everyone deserves the vehicle of his dreams. You can trust us to fix up your vehicle to perfection and to your satisfaction while providing you the best customer service. Call (407) 347-4349 for a free estimate.

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