Specialty Services

We offer several specialty services that can rectify specific issues you might have with your vehicle; things like headlight restorations, scratch repairs, upholstery repairs and many more. If you don’t see what you’re after below just give us a call and tell us what you need. Chances are we can handle it!

Interior Repair Demonstration!

Here we show our interior repair specialist repairing a tear and other damage on a vinyl door panel. You’ll see the effort that goes into getting your vehicle’s interior as close to new as we can.

Headlight Restoration Demonstration!

In this video you’ll see another one of our professional detailers performing a headlight restoration service on a pickup truck. You’ll see the extensive steps we take to get your headlights back to looking as clear as possible.

Specialty Services Pricing

Are your headlights faded, rough to the touch and yellowing? Our restoration service can completely restore their exterior appearance!

  • Headlight Restoration
  • $ 59 95
  • SPECIAL – $20 OFF!
  • Our ultimate headlight system consists of resurfacing the plastic. We remove the top layer of yellowing and fading bad plastic by wet sanding. This allows that NEW HEADLIGHT look.
  • ******Results to prove the truth********
  • Check out of video and see for yourself.
  • Clay Bar
  • $ 69 95
  • This service will remove contaminents from your vehicle’s paint such as fallout, overspray, etc.
  • Using a CLAY BAR will remove embedded surface contamination that still remains after a maintenance wash. Sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible on the paint to the naked eye. After using a clay bar on your paint you will be left with a surface that is as smooth as glass and properly prepped. It is now ready for polish or for you to apply layers of protection. Not only can you clay your vehicles paint, but glass, wheels, lights and more.

  • We recommend suing a clay bar roughly twice a year, or before details where you plan on polishing the paid. If you care is subject to industrial fallout or heavily contaminated areas, using a clay bar more often may be required.

  • Odor Removal
  • $ 59 95
  • We use a special ozone machine to eliminate odors from your vehicle’s interior over the course of a few hours.
  • The OdorFree is an extremely effective car odor eliminator because the ozone (O3) attacks odars at their source. As ozone fills the interior it immediate begins to oxidize tobacco odors, pet ordors, food ordors and musty smells that cling to surfaces, and even flows into the air vents, cracks and crevices.
  • The OdorFree ozone generator permanently removes odors from cars, trucks, vans, RV’s, limos, tour buses and other vehicles.
  • Interior Repairs
  • $ Estimate
  • We have a specialist on site who can repair just about any issue you might have with your vehicle’s interior. Cigarette burns, vinyl tears, cracking leather; we can handle it all! Pricing is determined by estimate.
  • We have an interior specialist on site who can repair just about any issue you might have with your vehicles interior including cigarette burns, vinyl tears, cracking, fading on leather, minor dash work and more.
  • Pricing is determined by estimate.
  • Scratch Removal
  • $ Estimate
  • If you have visible scratches in your vehicle’s paint there is a good chance that we can get rid of them. We use an advanced wet-sanding technique that can totally repair scratches in your vehicles clear coat in most cases!
  • Pricing is determined by estimate.
  • Windshield Repair
  • Starting at $55.00
  • Don’t replace it….Fix it!!!
  • We have a new advanced method for repairing windshield cracks to prevent further damage to your windshield.
  • Save hundreds in replacement…. just repair it.



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